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33 Nassau Avenue
2nd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Calle German Gedovius 10411
No. 304
Tijuana, Mexico 22520


Casa Escondida
Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico
2018 / under construction

Located off the desert coast of Los Cabos, Casa Escondida is a project of multiplicities. Mediating between complex and competing demands imposed by climate, program, and neighborhood regulations, the design overlays strategies of disguise and duality to construct the concept of a house within a house.

The discreet exterior displays a compliant structure, conforming to the requisite roof forms, limited apertures, and stone cladding stipulated by community guidelines, while inside, architectural freedoms of form and materiality unfold. Carved out of the house’s conceptual massing, a composition of voids creates a second, protected exterior space; a courtyard covered by skylights that tilt and taper at different angles to produce variations in daylighting and natural ventilation. While the massive walls of the internal structure help isolate exterior temperatures and conceal storm protection systems, the space of the courtyard allows for direct physical and visual connections to the outdoors. The organization of interior rooms is split along the house’s east-west axis; the northern half anchored to the access road and desert mountain vistas, and the southern portion shifted toward the ocean view, its enclosure eroded to create a direct line between occupant and seascape.

Under Construction / Completion 2019

Project Team
Gabriel Huerta, Arshia Gharib, John McMahon, Angelos Palaskas, Jorge Velez

Project Consultants
Structural Engineer Ing. Jacobo Perez Valle - MGA Calculo // Facade Consultant Grupo Basica // Mechanical Engineer Grupo Softair // Pool Hidroequipos Albercas // Storm Protection Systems RL Los Cabos // Interiors and Finishes Intermark
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